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Vision & Rationale

Injury and Illness – Recipe for poor immune function

When one undergoes surgery, trauma, infection or other acute & chronic illnesses, there is a marked effect on both the immune function and overall nutritional status.

Subsequently, such health insults lead to nutritional deficiencies and poor immune response that prolong the time taken for normal recovery or worse still escalate the possibility of developing further complications.

Interplay between Immunity and Nutritional Status

There are primarily 5 (five) influences that injury and illness tend to have on the interplay between nutritional status and the immune function.

  1. Increased energy requirements – Due to the trauma and stress associated, there is a major increase in energy requirements by your body that results in negative energy balance. This leads to your body’s inability to use glucose and fat and subsequently breaking down muscle for use as the primary source of fuel.
  2. Inactivity and prolonged bed rest – Immobility and lethargy associated with most acute and chronic illnesses results in muscle wasting, weight loss and protein loss.
  3. Loss of appetite – From a simple flu/cold, chronic illnesses to cancer, most people experience a marked loss of appetite otherwise known as anorexia. This is a vicious cycle that leads to reduced food intake, reduced nutritional support for the immune system, and further deterioration of the existing condition.
  4. Stress hormones during acute illness and trauma – Cortisol is a well known and documented stress hormone that is produced during illness, trauma or surgery. Cortisol is well known to increase and accelerate muscle loss, suppress the immune system and cause depressive mood.
  5. Fever – Presence of fever especially during acute illness and trauma is a major cause of increased metabolism and resultant demand for nutrients. The increased metabolism leads to increased loss of protein and muscle mass that is proportional to the number of days that the fever is present.
Nutrition & Recovery

Nutrition & Recovery

Without the right, supportive and scientific nutritional support, the period of recovery from a simple cold to a debilitating chronic illness could be much longer.

According to one study by Kurpav, it can take two to three times the duration of illness to replace the protein lost during an illness. A mild fever lasting 3 days could set you off 10-11 days to replace the lost proteins from a normal diet, while severe illnesses could take you anywhere between 2-3 weeks for nutritional recovery.

There is a compelling need for maintaining a healthy diet and in most cases supplementing the existing meal plan to speed up recovery and reduce subsequent complication associated with poor immune function & deteriorating nutritional status.


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Who benefits from BioGain?

  • During an acute illness, the body quickly depletes its nutrient resources due to increased physiological need and poor appetite to feed well. This leads to prolonged recovery periods with minor to major disruptions of your quality of life.

    Nutritional supplementation is important during this recovery period to speed up the rate of recovery to normalcy.