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Back on your feet!

BioGain helps in healing, recovery & recuperation from acute illness, hospitalization, surgery or chronic illness.

What Are The Challenges?


Lack of Good Nutrition

Makes the illness worse, becoming a vicious cycle


Intense emotional distress

Exacerbates the situation and delays recovery



Treatment and Medication

Could have negative nutritional effects


Weakening Immune System

Delays time duration to full recovery

Nutrition and recovery.

During healing and recovery or when managing illness, the right nutritional support is crucial.

Your appetite is rock-bottom and this could make the situation worse if not attended to urgently and with the right diet plan.


Patented Velobiotics Technology

Delivers 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!



High in Energy

Recovery leads to an increase in energy requirements


High in Protein

High in protein for cell, tissues & organ repair.



10 Probiotics Strains, 10 billion CFU

Combination Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium


Vitamins & Minerals Support

Vitamin C, B Complex, antioxidants & mineral that play a crucial role in our immune system


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels

We feel you!

Illness and recovery ought not take away precious time that you spend with loved ones!

How Do You Benefit From BioGain?


Shorter stay @ hospital & quicker recovery from illness.


Less cost of recovery and managing your illness


Less cost of recovery and managing your illness


More time with family and more energy for precious moments

BioGain – Back on your feet!

From the Struggles of ill-health & despair to full recovery and health!